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As the hubbub surrounding his music and name game began to gather serious cybersteam over the past few months, the San Diego native wisely moved his signature from small-time imprint De Stijl, to the bigger, much more historically distinct Fat Possum. Business measures and consonant gimmicks aside, the hop down South makes perfect aesthetic sense-- this young man is most certainly singing the blues. Hopeless stoner/loner incantations are scattered throughout, though two of the album's most bulletproof moments are also it's most deliciously bleak. Next to the pains of "No Hope Kids" (no car, no friends, no family, no friends, no girl), "So Bored" leaves memorable blisters. It's the record's one slam-dunk earworm, and it's a total bummer. Over three melted chords and his own back-up oooooooh's and aaaaaah's, Williams' moans a mantra that's bled into every track: "I'm sooooo booooored, I'm sooooo boooored." Not for much longer. 
-David Bevan Pitchfork.com 8.1/10

1. Rainbow Everywhere 

2. Beach Demon

3. To the Dregs

4. Sun Opens My Eyes 

5. Gun In the Sun 

6. So Bored 

7. Goth Girls 

8. No Hope Kids 

9. Weed Demon

10. California Goths 

11. Summer Goth 

12. Beach Goth 

13. Killr Punx, Scary Demons

14. Surf Goth 


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