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Townes Van Zandt | Our Mother The Mountain

Townes Van Zandt | Our Mother The Mountain

SKU : FP1090-5

50th Anniversary edition of Our Mother The Mountain includes:

  • Remastered Audio
  • 180 gram remastered vinyl
  • Tip-on Jacket
  • Lyrics included

Townes' second album, released in 1969 and produced by Jack Clement, contains 11 sorrowful and soulful tunes showcasing some of Van Zandt's best work. This 50th anniversary pressing includes authenticated lyrics on the innersleeve and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The weight and beauty of these songs are still standing tall against time.


Be Here To Love Me


She Came And Touched Me

Like A Summer Thursday

Our Mother The Mountain

Second Lover's Song

St. John The Gambler

Tecumseh Valley

Snake Mountain Blues

My Proud Mountains 

Why She's Acting This Way


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