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Serge Gainsbourg | À la maison de la radio

Serge Gainsbourg | À la maison de la radio

  • Record Store Day US 2020 Exclusive Release
  • Numbered (only 3000 copies)


In 1964 and 1966, when Serge Gainsbourg participated in the two public recordings at the “Maison de la Radio”, he is undoubtedly the outstanding protagonist of the evening. It was at this moment that his, according to his own words, “blue period” came to an end. This period was characterized by left-bank songs, tinged with notes of jazz and exotic rhythms.



  • A1. Le Rock de Nerval
  • A2. La Recette de l’amour fou
  • A3. Les Goémons
  • A4. La Javanaise
  • B1. Le Talkie Walkie
  • B2. Elaeudanla téïtéïa
  • B3. Intoxicated Man
  • B4. Ces petits riens
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